Sudanese School of Greensboro

SchoolGreensboro Sudanese Community School is a nonprofit organization and after school program, its purpose is to bring all children of Sudanese heritage reside in Greensboro Metropolitan, North Carolina, and to create an environment conducive to their having opportunities to meet, understand, learn their Sudanese culture, language and Islamic religion.

The school was established and started operating at Center View Drive before moving to its new address at 2303 Meadowview Road in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The school is operated with staff of Sudanese teachers and management.

P17مدرسة الجالية السودانية بقريسنبوروِ، كارولاينا الشمالية، منظمة غير ربحية وبرنامج للتعليم الاضافي،  تهدف الي جمع الاطفال من اصول سودانية من المقيمين بمنطقة قرينسبورو الكبري، بكارولاينا الشمالية، وذلك لتهيئة بيئة تتيح لهم فرص الإلتقاء، والتفاهم ولتعلّم ثقافتهم ولغتهم السودانية ومبادئ دينهم الاسلامي


Raising your kids in Islam

Children are easily influenced by their surroundings. These days, it is extremely difficult to expose our children to an ideal Islamic environment given the influences from media, friends and even other members of the family.

With television, radio, Internet and forms of media mostly touting un-Islamic values, it is up to parents and adults close to the children to set the correct example.

It is impossible to shield our children from all the negative forces that can shape their minds and, ultimately, their behavior.ngo2

However, by our own example and showing them better options, we can set them on the true path, which is to obey the commandments of Allah (SWT) and our Holy Prophet Muhammad (may Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him).

Here are some tips you may want to follow in helping your children grow up with Islamic values. Continue reading “Raising your kids in Islam”